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Here at Advance Pawnbrokers we pride ourselves on being not just a pawnshop or an online store but also collectors and connoisseurs of quality products and collectible items that suit every taste and please both everyday users and high-end item collectors.

We authenticate and research every item very carefully before listing so when you order from us you can rest assured that will receive the genuine article.

The range of our collections is very wide and span many categories from Knives and Swords (Like Case Knives, WWI & WWII Bayonets, Katanas, Vintage Swords and Daggers, etc), Dolls, Figurines & Action Figures (Like Goebel, Stadden, Barbie Dolls, Star Wars, Indiana Jones and many others), Musical instruments, Fine China, Pottery, Glass and Crystals (like Lalique, Molly Dallas, Anchor Hocking and many others), Vintage Game Consoles and Games, Statues and Paintings and many more so we welcome you to browse through our categories and order whatever pleases your eyes and delights your heart.

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