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Jewelry is arguably one of the most intimate and personal properties. Jewelry is one of a kind piece, often passed on from generation to generation, collecting family and personal memory.

For this reason, when we decide to sell jewelry, we all need someone to trust, someone that shows the same care and affection, someone that understands the value and the uniqueness of jewelry.

At Advance Pawnbrokers we strive to give you outstanding customer service, whether you are selling, buying or using your jewelry as collateral for a loan. Our twenty years experience in evaluating, buying and selling jewelry is at your full service!

In addition, we do specialized in coins. Enzo is a life long collector and coins enthusiastic, and he will guide you though every detail of the trade, not only by for formulating the best offer, but also by explaining you market trends, and how coins are currently priced on the market.


At Advance Pawnbrokers we offer a wide variety of jewelry repairs, from ring sizing to chain soldering.

Unlike other jewelry stores, we can offer quick and affordable repairs, as well as cleaning and polishing of your valuables.

We have an in-house workshop to perform most of the repairs on site, so your piece of jewelry won't need to leave our property. For more advanced or particular requests, we have partnership with expert jewelry makers, watch makers and even Rolex specialists.

We buy and sell gold and silver on a daily basis. Our staff is constantly trained to test and appraise contemporary and vintage jewelry.

Our expertise is at your service.

If you are considering selling your valuable jewelry, we are more than happy to examine it and make you an offer. With several years of experience in buying and selling jewelry, we have a deep knowledge of the value of second hand jewelry, precious or semi-precious gems and diamonds.

In addition, we offer GIA certified appraisal. If you need an appraisal, please contact us for an appointment.


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